Institute of Strategic Investments is established at the Faculty of Finance and Accounting at the Prague University of Economics and Business.

Success in investing comes not from being right but from being wrong less often than anyone else.
– Aswath Damodaran

Purpose of the Institute of Strategic Investments

  • deliver a top-notch education from the Strategic Investments, Private Equity and Real Estate Industry to students
  • provide market and strategy analyses for clients from different sectors and regions with thorough understanding of local markets
  • provide a possibility of a high-profile subsequent education in form of a public events, lectures and conferences available to general public.
  • Provide for students an overview and “helping hand” on certifications like CFA, Bloomberg, PMI, RICS etc.

Aim of the Insitute is to be Informative, Smart, Talented and Innovative.


What we do?

  1. Courses
  2. Certification – CFA, RICS, Wall Street Prep’s
  3. Consulting & Business Analysis
  4. Events and Guest Lectures
  5. Career offers
  6. Ranking of TOP real estate funds



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