About us

Institute of Strategic Investments was established at the Faculty of Finance and Accounting at the University of Economics and is focusing on main activities in following fields:

  • Courses
  • Events and Guest Lectures
  • Analytical and Consulting Projects
  • Career offers and Certificates

In terms of courses, Institute want to deliver a top-notch education from the Strategic Investments, Private Equity and Real Estate Industry to students of Economic University in Prague. One course which is in preparation will be provided in conjuction with professor Smit from University of Rotterdam, also thaught at Princeton University, another one should be prepared in conjuction with one of top and best known companies world-wide. More…

Institute will be preparing limited number of lectures and conferences with guest-speakers for students at University of Economics. Our long-term target is to attract interesting and well-known speakers from abroad. Institute is also involved in conferences outside the University of Economics. More…

Analytical and Consulting projects should become one of the most encouraged activities of the Institute. With our analytical team of highly educated individuals we are capable of providing our business partners with consulting services in different fields with focus on different markets. More…

Due to cooperation with our business partners we can recommend our people for suitable positions within the companies of our partners as well as we are happy to help students to improve their profile due to hands-on experience on providing international services.

Institute won’t provide any preparation courses for certificates of our academic partners but would like to offer complex information including calendar and deadline about number of them. If you would like to find more follow the link.