Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)

ISTI is honored to have RICS as partnet for all ISTI real estate activities

“Membership at RICS is a gateway to a relatively tight and limited community of the most experienced professionals in the real estate industry.”

Karel Zeman, CBRE Global Investors

If you are interested in RICS, please have a look on RICS website or continue in reading below.


Why to become a member?

  1. Status – Your RICS credentials command respect from clients and peers by demonstrating that you work to the highest professional and ethical standard. The qualification is prestigious and a personal achievement to be proud of.
  2. Recognition – By promoting the value of RICS standards the RICS organization aims to ensure that professionalism is embedded in the market. That provides public confidence and drives demand for your services.
  3. Market advantage – By working to RICS standards you provide unrivalled confidence to the market and gain a competitive advantage.
  4. Knowledge – RICS provides a range of practice standards, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and best practice guidance to help you maintain the highest levels of professionalism and continue to develop your technical and professional knowledge.
  5. Network – With over 125,000 professionals worldwide RICS connects you to other professionals and clients in local and global markets.

Besides you can simply strengthen your CV with a world-class professional qualification and prove your exceptional technical and ethical standards to clients and peers. Moreover, you can benefit from RICS career development resources and possibly increase your earning potential.


Meet the professionals

Here you can find out what careers your RICS status can lead to and get an insight into members’ professional and personal lives.


About RICS

RICS is a global professional body which accredits and connects professionals in valuation, management, and development of land, real estate, construction and infrastructure sectors worldwide.

Since 1868 RICS has been uniting individuals and organisations and setting the highest professional standards and ethics rules. In the world where companies, state institutions, banks and individuals request these highest standards, the membership at RICS is becoming even more important as a guarantee of proficiency at commercial and residential properties.

There are more than 120 000 RICS-qualified professionals (2015) in 140 countries worldwide, plus 80 000 student/candidates. The RICS, based in London, has its regional offices all around mainland Europe, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, the Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa, North America and Brazil.


Trainings and Events

RICS organisation hosts a range of trainings, conferences, seminars and networking events across continental Europe and Russia. Also, face to face training courses and online courses, which cover all areas of surveying and assessment, are organized and run by skilled professionals sharing their expertise and knowledge. See the upcoming events here.



Entry to membership of the RICS is possible via four routes:

  • Graduate: for young graduates of one of the accredited RICS programmes
  • Adaptation route: for candidates who studied another but accredited RICS program, in some cases a former qualification is admitted by RICS
  • Senior Professional route: for qualified professionals in leading positions with technical education and corresponding experience
  • Academic route: for academicians with pedagogical or research activities within the accredited courses



Becoming a Member of RICS (MRICS) demonstrates chartered qualification and work to the highest industry standards. An Assessment of Professional Competence (APC) must be undertaken to achieve MRICS. The level of assessment depends on professional work experience and education. “MRICS” can be used as a title after the name.



The RICS Associate (AssocRICS) qualification recognizes the skills of individuals with relevant work experience and vocational qualifications. Associate members have an opportunity to join an elite group of professionals and open up career development opportunities. “AsscRICS” can be used as a title after the name.



Fellowship at RICS (FRICS) is awarded to individuals who can demonstrate their significant contribution in their profession. “FRICS” can be used as a title after the name.



Honorary members of RICS (HonRICS) can be awarded by RICS for their extraordinary achievements in one of the fields RICS dedicates to.


Student status

Being a RICS student is free and can help students realize the potential by working to the highest standards of education at college or university. RICS provides a wide range of knowledge, information services and consultations to help students with their course work or thesis. Also, RICS offers a valuable consultancy to students on careers in surveying and provides great conditions for networking. After being at student status it is just few steps to become chartered.



There are several paths and different assessment types to get qualified. Each path depends on the type of membership (AsscRICS, MRICS, FRICS) and on the candidate’s positions, previous education and experience. After completing entry requirements and demonstration of competence (essay, case study etc.) candidates need to take an Assessment of Professional Competence (APC). As the enrolment and assessment process is a bit complicated we recommend studying it on the official website where you can find updated and detailed information.


RICS in the Czech Republic

The RICS organization and its members are active in the Czech Republic since 1990s. The Czech members of RICS have contributed by 7,2 billion EUR of real estate transactions which is more than 50 % of all business contracts.   The members of RICS stand in leading positions in their companies. Currently there are more than 150 RICS members in the Czech Republic.