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MBA – Real Estate Investment

Two-years part time MBA Program in Real Estate lectured by the most experienced experts from real estate market and University of Economics.

Institute of Strategic Investments is pleased to introduce you the first MBA Program in Real Estate Investment in the Czech Republic, that was accredited at the Faculty of Finance and Accounting this year with great help of Institute of Property Valuation (IOM) and Institute of Strategic Investments (ISTI).

The MBA Program will be realized in Czech language with added lessons by English speaking lecturers in order to assume the English expressions commonly used in real estate market. The MBA Program is conceived as a four-semester internationally recognized lifelong learning program. The study is organized as a long-distance  learning with expert consultations. The lectures are held in three-day seminars (Friday afternoon, Saturday all day, Sunday morning) at the university campus in Prague 3, Square of W. Churchill 4 (Friday and Saturday) and at Hotel Jalta in Prague 1, Wenceslas Square 45 (Sunday). Teaching courses are provided by teachers of the University of Economics in Prague and other universities as well as renowned experts.

The MBA Program will take two-years of part-time studies and will provide students with deep knowledge from Valuation, Real Estate Business Modeling, Planning and Permitting as well as Taxation and Financing of Real Estate. For more information please download the brochure of the Program.

The guarantor of the MBA program is suggested prof. Ing. Miloš Mařík, CSc., alternate Ing. František Poborský, PhD. and Ing. Jaroslav Kaizr, MSc. MRICS. Administrators of the MBA program will be Ing. Jaroslav Kaizr, MSc. MRICS. and Ing. Mgr. David Mazáček, MRICS.


The MBA Program will start from November 2018. Applications will be opened soon. You can find the minimal requirements in the Brochure. If you are potentially interested in getting more information about the Program or you would like to apply as one of the first applicants, please contact us under following emails:
We come back to you with more details, once the application process starts.
Do not hesitate to contact us in case of any questions.